The great sushi experience

We went to a great sushi restaurant for lunch, called Kidoguchi in Omotesando. The chef and his commis chefs prepared the sushi in front of us at the counter and handed them to us as they were ready. Each piece of sushi was so fresh and incredible! I really wanted to take my time to eat them…

Visit: Tokyo/Ginza area – old and new

We went to the Tokyo area to visit a modern area near the Imperial palace. Really enjoyed the old red brick building in front of tall modern office buildings.

Similarly, the old styled kabuki theater in front of skyscrapers.

Culture: Bye bye Naruto!

Naruto, a Japanese manga by Kishimoto Masashi, that was published  weekly in the Weekly Jump manga magazine for the last 15 years just finished a few months ago. To celebrate the success of the manga an exhibition was held in the very exclusive Mori Art Center in Roppongi Hills. After reading the manga and watching the entire anime, I figured I should go and see and experience being a Japanese geek!

It was really fun and quite moving to see all the work of Kishimoto. What an achievement it must be, entertaining fans on a weekly basis for 15 years and exhibit their work at such a great museum!

Poster for the exhibition with the main character, Naruto, a young ninja:

We couldn’t take photos of the exhibition, but they had built scene from the manga, like those faces etched in the mountains.

Then the whole restaurant area around the exhibition center was decorated around the Naruto theme! It was like being in the ninja village with the characters! 

And each restaurant had special Naruto lunch sets like the famous Afuri ramen restaurant which offered a Naruto ramen with the logo of Naruto:

I had a lovely lunch there and then brought my souvenirs home. A great day!

On the go: French wine…

or maybe not! I saw this in the supermarket today, and I really wanted to buy it but it looked so ridiculous… I might buy it all the same, just for the fun 🙂

Culture: It’s Mother’s Day in Japan today

In several countries, carnation is the traditional flower to buy for Mother’s Day. In Japan too, but in Japan carnation flowers are cute!

On the go: more weirdness

As I walked by a shop, a karaoke place I think (?), this is what I saw in the window! Not sure what is was for but it was surely unusual and memorable! Maybe some sort of art!

The kids menu

in Japan too, kids have their special menus in restaurants, just not the same type of menus as back home in Europe!

At the sushi restaurant the kids menu consists of:

  • An orange juice (yes, that’s expected)
  • A selection o sushi: raw tuna, prawns, salmon roes, omelette and natto – fermented soy beans (that’s kind of unexpected, right?)

It looks healthy though and I was able to observe kids enjoying their lunch at that sushi restaurant!

Food: beautiful lunch sushi set

Here in Tokyo, it’s not difficult to eat great sushi for very little money, especially at lunch time!

Culture: Not your usual drink vending machines…

On the metro platform at Omotesando, I was very surprised to find a strange vending machine… A vending machine that sells … books! It’s quite unusual and not the first thing I’d imagine to be popular in the world of digital books! Anyway, if you realise you don’t know enough about Japanese History, or if you want to know everything about Fuji or the Kennedy scandals, you will find everything you need on the platform at Omotesando station!
2015-03-22 15.01.57(small)

Art: Tokyo Midtown Awards

At Tokyo Midtown the other day, there was an art piece exhibited in the main hall: a combo pump-tiger leg. I thought it was quite interesting!