Culture: the special Pocky

Pocky, the famous chocolate stick biscuit is hugely popular over in Japan, to the point that they have a very wide selection that goes from “super thin sticks” to “the Pocky for men”. At the moment, they have a gratitude campaign for Valentines Day where you can find specially packaged Pocky to express your gratitude and love to your special people, like your mother and father. In Japan, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples…

An example of the special Pocky box for Mama (“mum” in Japanese) called Mamacky and Papa (“dad in Japanese) called Papacky!

The standard Pocky looks like that:


Chuukagai, the Chinatown of Yokohama

The atmosphere in Chuukagai feels so authentic, it’s a total change of scenenery from the neat streets of Yokohama. It’s really crowded with food stalls and restaurants everywhere! A nice place to visit when in Yokohama.


Winter sun and flakes

In winter, it gets really sunny in Tokyo but the sun is very low very quick and gives a beautiful cold light. Cycling around an old neighborhood of Tokyo we came across those old Christmas decoration that get a nice shine in the winter sun!


Yokohama Chinese gondola

If one fancy renting a Chinese gondola boat at Yokohama harbor…


Halloween craziness in Shibuya!

Like a lot of non-Americans, Japanese people have adopted Halloween! Walking around the most dynamic and youngest area of Tokyo, I came across a few interesting costumes…


Old fashion eatery…

There are a lot of those old eateries in Tokyo. They’ve kept the original design and just fix whatever needs to be fixed at the time it breaks, resulting in places that look a bit like wrecks… But you end up finding those “charming”. 

In Ebisu, I came across this lovely old restaurant that even had old advert posters on the wall.


On the go: The egg timer

While shopping at the 100¥ shop the other day, I found this super useful and fun egg timer. I haven’t used it yet but it looks like it’s pink before you put it in the boiling water and the whiter it gets the more hard boiled your egg gets!  

On the go: cuteness in the stationery shop

At the stationery shop the other day, I found those items I needed for the home. Not only do they do the job but they are also super cute!   

We know that Japan loves cuteness but to the point of making a cute marker tip!!!  


On the go: sexy bunny

Outside a shop, back in March, I found that rather sexy bunny! Seriously, I am not sure I would want to wear clothes displayed on a model who’s wearing a bunny mask! I was actually so distracted by the bunny head that I didn’t look at the outfit… Maybe it’s just me? 


Culture: Local coffee shop

i went to Jinbocho, an old area of Tokyo where one can find old book shops, second hand books everywhere, traditional publishing and printing companies and old style coffee shops. My friend took me to one of those and it was really a fun experience. It felt like stepping back in what I imagine the old Tokyo was like. We had jelly coffee and cake.